Data Services
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Rick is showing another satisfied customer how to use a program.
At Data Services we assemble, repair, upgrade and install
personal computers. We also teach you how to use your
computer and your applications. We will set up and install
your new computer and your home network including
wireless networks and wired networks
by CoffeeCup Software
Has your computer been running more slowly than when it
was new? At Data Services we can service your
computer inside and out. We clean the dirt, dust and lint
out of the box so it will run more cooly and we remove the
malware you have accumulated from web surfing and
downloading programs and files. A complete hardware
and malware cleanup is only $95.00.
Do you want a web page, your own blog site or a place to
share your photo albums. We can obtain your own unique
web site address and help you get you information on line
quickly and at a reasonable cost.